A passion for heat treatment since 1946

Special Applications

The special systems of EMA Indutec GmbH can be used for all common inductive procedures within the different ranges of application.


  • Stand-/rotation-stand
  • Progressive-/spin-progressive
  • Total surface 
  • Spin-progressive

Range of Application

  • Surface hardening 
  • Stress-relieving/tempering/annealing
  • Hardening and tempering 
  • Forging

Brief overview of our production range, e.g.

  • Inductive systems for the hardening, calibrating (fixture hardening) and tempering, also with protective gas of rotation-symmetric components
    such as shift collars, clutch bodies, ring gears, geared rings, ball bearings, inner and outer rings

  • Inductive systems for the hardening and tempering of single cam lobes
    made for cam shafts designed for cars and trucks

  • Inductive systems for the hardening, tempering and annealing of steel bars
    (round and square), steel pipes, threaded rods, threaded spindles

  • Inductive systems for the hardening of large rolling bearings and geared rings (sprockets)
    designed for gear boxes, wind energy plants, hauling or earth-moving machinery, and lifting technique

EMA Indutec GmbH develops and supplies systems for complex components with several hardening and tempering zones, including different handling systems for work pieces such as robots, portals, pick and place devices, magazines etc.. These systems can be integrated into one production line, but can also be designed as autonomous stand alone solutions. Different versions are available: vertical, horizontal, round table, linear, drum or lifting bar.

Owing to the modular construction, a customised and reliable adaptation to the requirements of customer is guaranteed with regard to, for example, flow rate, weight of the work piece, and degree of automation. This ensures the high availability of the systems. A high value is also set on keeping short time and effort spent on set-up time.

The combination of an energy-efficient and digitally controlled converter with a particularly designed system, both coming from the same producer, offers the ideal and most economical solution to the user with regard to the inductive hardening of work pieces of consistently high and reproducible quality.

The controlling device is user-friendly, its operation comprehensible. The visualisation and documentation of all process-relevant parameters concerning each work piece is effected via a multi-colour operation panel. The machine can be connected to a network, the internet, a modem and automation interfaces. It is also possible to integrate different quality packages.

For further technical details see our machine leaflet.