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Induction Hardening Systems - Benefits

Induction surface hardening is mainly applied on the following areas: parts of motors or diving gears, chain components for crawlers, gearwheels, drive elements, guideway for machine tools, bearing seats for shafts, bolts and pins.

EMA Indutec GmbH supplies semi and fully automatic induction heating systems which can be applied in various areas, design and production both being elaborated and realized in our own factory. This is also valid for the machinery to be applied and the necessary controlling devices as was as for the frequency converters.

In comparison with conventional furnace hardening, induction hardening systems offer various technological advantages as mentioned in the following:

  • Short hardening periods and, as a result thereof, nearly scale-free hardening zones (if requested, hardening under protective gas is possible)
  • Reduced distortion owing to hardening process
  • Reproducible results
  • Exactly defined local hardening (also possible at bulky workpieces)
  • Low energy consumption

Furthermore the induction hardening systems are suitable for the integration in automated production lines, which are used more and more due to the necessary production costs reduction.