A passion for heat treatment since 1946

Forging-, Tempering- & Annealing Systems

The EMA forging, tempering and annealing systems are used everywhere, where a fast, safe and efficient induction heating is required.

Applications can be found in semi-finished products and bar steel industries, also in solid forging and wire heating. Worldwide,  steel and non-ferrous metal up to heavy metal - such as tungsten and molybdenum – are heat-treated successfully with our converters and induction systems.

We provide individual plant groups such as frequency converters, high-current connections, inductors as well as complete inductive systems with storage technology, handling and steel constructions. Cooling and filtration systems complete the package.


  • Billet heating  
  • Pusher-type furnace plants 
  • Walking beam systems
  • Tempering of steel bars
  • Tempering of tubes
  • Pipe end inductive heating
  • Wire annealing
  • Heating treatment of rollers
  • Forging and annealing
  • Metal extrusion

EMA frequency converters, the basic modules of any induction heating are developed and produced in-house. Our customers demand high performance with high efficiency, flexibility and reliability. We offer converters which meet the highest standards and expectations.