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EMA Indutec continues its successful path with gripper star system “VELA”

EMA Indutec GmbH would like to announce that 25 “VELA” type gripper star machines have been sold within the past few years. More machines have been added to the backlog.

The gripper star system is a high-performance machine for tempering gear components – especially sliding sleeves – in world-class quality. In addition to the inductive hardening of carburized sliding sleeves with cooling on a calibration pin, the machine process also includes inductive tempering in connection with wear-free withdrawal of the extremely accurate calibration pin tool.

Because the tolerance of the completely tempered tools is so narrow at only 0.05 mm, there is significantly less reworking. The amount of one of the most expensive hard machining processes, regrinding hardened surfaces, is minimised drastically.

Tempering components almost to their final dimensions allows a considerably reduction in carburisation depth, thereby shortening the carburisation process, which is a must for all manufacturers in this age of assembly line production. The suspension tolerances of the carburisation depth can be reduced by 40% – that is almost half.

A further unique feature of this machine is that calibration is suited to high-performance sliding sleeves with wider sections and protruding click-teeth, which are required more and more frequently. Differences in roundness in these areas belong to the past.

Furthermore, the entire machine is enclosed and the whole tempering process can be carried out with protective gas. Depending on the adjustable overpressure of the machine’s interior, this is how work pieces with the best non-scaling surfaces are created. The length of the machine’s cycle is approx. 25-35 seconds for two components when these are processed at the same time.

The new managing director of EMA Indutec GmbH, Dr. Matthias Barz, thanked the team with these words, “With the well-engineered technology of this machine, we have set a milestone in the inductive heat treatment sector.”

It is due to this type of machine that EMA Indutec GmbH is recognised around the world as the specialist for inductive heat treatment.