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Induction heating

Induction heating has already been an important element in many manufacturing processes for decades and is currently finding even greater prevalence. Particularly in high-tech sectors such as the automotive branch and aerospace, induction heating remains impressive due to its outstanding heating properties. Induction heating makes it possible to generate energy with higher precision inside components themselves and stands out because of its capacity to automate as well as its excellent reproducibility. Thanks to its in theory nearly unlimited power density, induction heating enables substantially shorter cycle times and higher flow rates than conventional heating methods. Induction heating is one of the so-called direct heating methods meaning that the heat is generated in the component itself and does not have to pass through the surface into the material inside. This is how induction heating achieves unsurpassed energy efficiency of over 90%.

Induction heating has many advantages

  • product quality
  • reproducibility
  • Automation capacity
  • high throughput
  • energy Efficiency

How does induction heating work?

Two effects are decisive for induction heating and are named after the physicists André-Marie Ampère and Michael Faraday. Ampère’s circuital law states that a magnetic field is generated around a loop conducting electricity. Now, when an electrical conductor has an alternating current running through it and the result is a time-varying magnetic field, Faraday’s law of induction states that an electrical field is generated around the magnetic field lines.Induction heating makes use of both effects. A spool fed with an alternating current generates a magnetic field that produces an eddy current when it penetrates a component.

EMA Indutec – Specialists for induction heating since 1946

EMA Indutec’s origins go back to 1946 when EMA Elektro-Maschinen Schultze GmbH & Co. KG was founded. Over the decades, new technological standards were perpetually introduced into the sector of induction heating. EMA has remained loyal to their demand for high quality and innovative technology in their products and strives to live up to the trust our customers have placed in our products the world over.