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Medium Frequency Parallel Tank Circuit Converter Type TIC

for the Induction Heating with Direct Current Intermediate Circuit


  • forging / forming
  • melting
  • surface hardening
  • soldering
  • annealing/ hardening and tempering
  • coating

The EMA Indutec GmbH parallel tank circuit converter type TIC is provided with an universal applicable plate.

There is an option for 6- or 12-pulse rectifier control. In addition it is possible to consider all specific requirements of the individual customer.

The efficiency of the PLC integrated memory-programmable control extends from simple switching processes to complex measuring, controlling and regulating tasks of the respective application. This includes e.g. temperature regulations (software PID control), re-cooler controls and machine controls.
An operation terminal is provided for operation and process visualization. The coupling of this operation terminal with the PLC take place via bus system. It is also possible without problems to extend this circuit, to connect further operation terminals.
All important process data are indicated on the operation terminal: operation status, start-up procedures, warnings and error messages, actual values of the process.

Technical features (summary):

  • controlled thyristor rectifier
  • inductive current intermediate circuit
  • IGBT transistor DC-AC inverter bridge, short circuit-proof
  • potentially insulated load parallel tank circuit
  • PLC for the regulation and visualization
  • Bus coupling (e.g. Profibus-DP or Interbus)
  • design and safety according to VDE / DIN / IEC / EMVG/ EN standards
  • output power, current or voltage regulation